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  • 005 CBE.2013_Robert.JohnsonDynamics that Changed the Media World

    February 26, 2013


    By Lillian McMorris, 100 Black Men of Las Vegas, Inc.


    In 1979, Robert L. Johnson, an American media magnet, had an idea that would change the “face” of media. He once stated that his vision was that BET should be for black media what Disney is to the general media, or what Motown was to music. Although many obstacles were faced and industry racism reared its ugly head, Johnson did not give up his vision. Actually, he worked to enhance every detail and build an empire. The heart and soul of BET programming were music videos. Prior to MTV, BET offered hours of...

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  • 004 CBE.2013_Mdm.C.J.WalkerMadame C. J. Walker: Journey of the First African American Woman Millionaire

    February 19, 2013


    By Sylvia Allen, President, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Las Vegas Chapter


    Black History Month is a month of celebration and reflection on the accomplishments of African Americans in all the ways that impacted the journey from slavery to where we are today. One woman entrepreneur who extols virtues of a businesswoman actually, as it is often not told, introduced us to what a networking business is.

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  • Black Wall StBlack History Moment: Black Commerce Perseveres in the Face of Adversity

    February 12, 2013


    By Shaundell Newsome, Urban Chamber Board Member


    Many questions have recently surfaced for the Urban Chamber of Commerce as the nation prepares to celebrate Black History Month.


    Why does the Urban Chamber of Commerce exist? Is the chamber only for African American (Black) owned businesses? Are ethnic or minority chambers relevant in today's society? Hopefully, clarity will prevail with a few short answers and reminders of the impact African American businesses create.

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  • 003 CBE.2013_George.Downing'The Foremost Colored Man' of Many Hats

    February 15, 2013



    Though born into a prominent and affluent African American family in 1819, George Thomas Downing was an entrepreneur at a very early age, opening his own restaurant at only 22 years old. An abolitionist and civil rights advocate with close ties in high places, Downing was the epitome of success but never relented in his fight for equality. At his death in 1903 at the age of 83, he was regarded as “the foremost colored man in the country” by the Boston Globe in its eulogy.

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  • 001 CBE.2013_Paul.WilliamsMuseum’s Iconic Roots, Legacy of a Black Architect

    February 6, 2013


    Known as “Architect to the Hollywood Stars,” Paul Revere Williams is celebrated not necessarily just because of the color of his skin but because of the outstanding legacy he leaves behind.


    Years of acclaimed work in architectural education and well-respected, professional experience gave way to what would become five decades of excellent building design, notable civic engagement, and entrepreneurial...

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    Also in the full article: Dorothy Wright of Desert Companion magazine outlines the vast array of this pioneer architect’s work and how Williams impacted the Las Vegas community. Read “When to curve, when to flow” here.