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  • Business Success CenterThe Business Success Center was started for people that want to learn how to start a business or existing owners looking to expand. They provide free counseling to support entrepreneurs and economic development in Southern Nevada- coordinated through the City of Las Vegas’ business incubator (managed by the Urban Chamber of Commerce). The partnership brings together a wide variety of business programs and local, state and national partner organizations to deliver services through the Nevada Small Business Development Center’s metro and rural network in southern Nevada, including Las Vegas, Pahrump and Laughlin.

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  •  Ellen Brown      Melva James     Sylvia Allen    Bob Zoot       Lew Mullins       Matt Molitch       Russell Curtis

     Ellen Brown      Melva James      Sylvia Allen       Bob Zoot          Lew Mullins       Matt Molitch       Russell Curtis


    Receive confidential personal business counseling from experienced corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs and professional members of our dedicated team. This service is offered without charge to all who seek it. Most clients are contemplating launching their own businesses or are already in business. Some need focused counseling on a single subject such as marketing, while others are seeking a comprehensive review for all aspects of their proposed business venture. Some clients need just a single consulting session – others may return many times, usually after having conducted research relevant to mentor, help define and analyze your opportunities and assist you in finding a solution. Contact SCORE directly at 702-388-6104 to schedule your appointment today.

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    This introductory small-business course, NxLevel for Micro-Entrepreneurs, was developed by an experienced micro-business training team. The 15-session course presents options and strategies for achieving self-sufficiency through self-employment, with an emphasis on learning and meeting professional standards for financial management, marketing and customer service. Whether participants wish to explore self-employment options, turn a hobby into a reliable income source or professionalize an existing microbusiness, NxLevel's practical 'learn it today, use it tomorrow' approach will help them build a solid foundation for success.