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  • Immigration Reform 2013

    An Urban Chamber Special Feature

  • In this two-part series, JR Planas* interviews Urban Chamber Member and immigrant entrepreneur John Pinnington, owner of AA Printing Service, about his views and opinions on immigration reform as it is being debated throughout America:

    What should we do about illegal immigration?
    How do immigration and immigration reform impact small businesses?
    What's best for the American economy?

    *All responses are views and opinions of John Pinnington only. Neither the Urban Chamber nor the author espouses or endorses these statements.


    John Pinnington


    May 1, 2013


    Small-business owner takes on hard road to success, boasts passion for a better America

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    Immigrant Entrepreneur Says Immigration Reform Is All About the Money

    May 15, 2013


    Focus reform on what's best for America in light of costs to companies, taxpayers, immigrants

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  • Small Businesses Want Common-Sense Approach to Immigration Reform

    April 17, 2013

    Recent poll shows small businesses strongly support reform; Majority believe in expanding economic opportunities for nation through immigrants

    Joe HernandezUrban Chamber member Branch-Hernandez & Associates,Principal Owner Joe Hernandez has some strong views about immigration reform:

    As a Nevada business owner, I recognize the need for broad-based immigration reform. I have never understood why we bring so many bright students from around the globe to the United States to receive an education, and then turn around and send them back to their country of origin to work in competition of the interests of the United States. So many of these highly educated, foreign-born students want to stay and live the American dream, it would seem to be common sense for us to ...

    What do the nation's small business owners say? Read More >>>