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Ever wished you said it better?

Have you tried this?

December 01, 2015

By Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers, DTM


President, Brentworth Industries

 Does, any of this sound familiar?


1.      “I hate speaking in public.”

2.    “Man, I wished I would have said that differently!”

3.    “You would have gotten the bid, but your presentation was not clear and concise.”

4.    “We didn’t understand anything that you said.”


Or, has any of this ever happened to you?


1.      Found yourself being put into a leadership position with no training?

2.    Get butterflies and start to sweat at the thought of giving your elevator pitch?

3.    Have you been put in charge of running a meeting at the last minute?  

4.    Been avoiding going for bigger business because you would rather walk barefoot on hot coals, than speak in front of a group?


What if I told you that all of that could be a thing of the past, and you could become a better communicator and a more effective business owner?