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Carpet Cleaner Takes on the Internet, and Wins!


What is your website selling?

Jason owned a carpet cleaning company in small city. We were sitting in his home office. He looked at me from across his cluttered desk. He wore the look of a man that was about to admit some personal failure and he didn’t know how to start.

    “I’ve been in business for 5 years, and I am struggling.”

    “Do you have a website?” I asked.

    “Yes, of course” he replied.

    “How many leads a month does it bring you?” I asked.

He laughed.
“How many? It doesn’t bring me any! If you type in carpet cleaning in the search engine I don’t come up til the 2nd or 3rd page.”

“Well, what are you telling the search engines about your website? What clues and hints are you giving search engines regarding the website?”

He looked confused. “Clues and hints, about what my website is about?”

“Exactly” I responded. “You see, Jason, your website’s visibility depends on the clues it gives to search engines”

“What kind of clues?”

I grabbed my chair and moved it next to him as I said, “Pull up your website and we’ll see what clues its giving”
“Ok, the first clue comes from the title of the page” I said pointing to it.

“It says ‘Home Page’” He responded. “That’s not a good clue?”

“Not if the point of your website is to tell people about your Carpet Cleaning  business.” I added.

“So, it should say something like, Carpet Cleaning?” Jason asked

“That would be better clue. Now look at the headline, it says ‘Welcome’”

“That is not a great clue either” he said understanding.

“And the rest of the content, you mention the better business bureau, and that contractor’s list”

Jason started to smile, “I get it I should be talking about carpet cleaning”

“Exactly, that would work for this page”

“This page?”

“Yes Jason, is carpet cleaning the only service you provide?”


“Imagine getting ranked for every single service you provided.”

Armed with a little bit of knowledge: 

  •  Understanding that search engines use clues on the pages of your website to determine ranking
  • Putting the right clues in: page titles, headlines, and content.

Jason did not have to imagine for long, his carpet cleaning company started moving up the rankings for carpet cleaning, and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet stain removal and more. Long story short, more visibility meant more business, and from being an unknown small business Jason’s Carpet Cleaning become the number one carpet cleaner is his town.


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