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The Most Common Marketing Problem Out There

The Good News, It’s Easy to Fix

Do you hear that phone ringing? The one’s that’s not being picked up because you’re too busy working? That’s not a just a ringing phone, its the sound of customers running to your competitors because they can’t get a hold of you.

We’ve all been there. Every day millions of customers search the web for the things they need, only to find frustration because they can’t get anyone on the phone.  From tree trimming to appliance repair, when a customer needs something now they don't have time to wait around for you to get back to them. With Google, Yelp, Home Advisor and a host of other options, there's way too much competition to allow these inbound referrals to slip through the cracks.

How much money is a missed call worth?

Think of it this way. One new customer is never just a single transaction; how many times will that customer use you again if you do a good job? What about their neighbor that saw you parked outside and they also need service. And then there’s the customer’s friend who could use help, and the list goes on.
What’s an easy fix to this problem?” No, you don’t have to hire a new admin assistant just to answer your phone. That can be an expensive solution to a very simple problem.

There’s always the option of hiring an answering service. Or, if you’d like to go more unconventional, get a cell phone dedicated to inbound sales calls and hire a retiree or stay-at-home parent who’d love to make a few extra bucks a week.

Why choose Profit as your Marketing Partner?

Our job is to find opportunities for you to make more money. Even better. We’re your partner, That means we invest our time and our money to promote your business and bring you new customers.  So there’s…
No Upfront Costs.
No Contracts.
And We don’t get paid until you start seeing results. Call today and lets see how much money we can make together.

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